Thursday, 15 May 2008

Been a while. ...sorry.

I haven't posted for a little while. It has been said It's been too long since there has been any new artwork here. Which is fair enough and perfectly true. Truth is I'm waiting for artwork. Once I've got Glenn and Steve's last pages I'll have all the art for issue one.

Then the next step is lettering.

After that I will post the occasional striking panel with un update of my progress. Don't want to put it all here, might impact on sales. Once I've got all the lettering done I'm planning to get some copies run up. (Approx 100.) In part for anyone that reads this blog and would like a copy, (on the understanding I get a little feedback/review.) Some of these will be sent to Wildstorm, Image and Dark Horse. In the hope of rustling up a publishing deal.

Meanwhile my mind wanders slightly prematurely to isuues two and three. (This whole thing is "planned" as a three issue mini series.) For reasons I'll explain another time.

Finally my genuine thanks to everyone who has posted a comment here. The encouragement is very welcome. Cheers