Sunday, 28 August 2011

Over a year again!!

Still live in hope. Just need one more page! Then I'm good to go. Frustrating but what can you do eh?

OH well. This blog will come alive if anything ever happens and it materialises. Till then I supposes I'll be waiting.


Anonymous said...

Keep going man. Outlaw was superb, as was "The Immortality Question". The fact that you're working with one of the greatest cover artists out there (I bought all of my Preachers from the Hive!) is very impressive and I'm incredibly excited to see the fruits of this collaboration. To reiterate: Keep going; I'm sure it will happen for you, and sooner than you think.

Stafford said...

Been a while- Keep on truckin' Paul. Hope all is going well. I'll be publishing something myself next year.
Really want to see what you've been up to- it's always interesting and entertaining- maybe next year's the one for both of us....