Wednesday, 6 February 2008

John McCrea's first page.

..and this is the first page of John McCrea's story. Pigeons with lasers shooting out of their eyes! I think its a first.

If you have any thoughts or comments on this or any of the artwork posted over the last few days, please feel free. You don't need a Goodle account, anyone can do it. (As I said before if you can leave a name that would be good though.)



Steve Denton said...

I think you should claim this is based on a true story or inspired by true events. It’s not that I’m mad and think that pidgins shooting lasers out of there eyes looks like a documentary (although I did see a seagull driving a tank last week) it’s just that movies have devalued the statement so much I like to claim it about everything. With remind me, that transformers documentary did well at the cinema didn’t it. ps john McCrea's work is look as smart and energetic as ever

MacabreMagpie said...

I like this style - I'm trying to get into drawing comics, myself, and clean, non-busy panels like those are not something I can do easily, I always tend to over-detail everything I think.

Here's a page I did for Futurequake recently to demonstrate:

Good luck with your projects,