Friday, 1 February 2008

Still going and still serious.

This may seem a little pointless, but a post seemed like a good idea. I'm still very serious about the whole project. I'll put some artwork on here very soon. The fact is I'm in that vaguely frustrating position that is inevitable. waiting for artwork. Glenn is working hard on the script I gave him which I can't wait to see the finished results of. He's a busy man and quite rightly in demand so I'm not expecting the pages overnight or anything like that, I just can't wait to see them because I'm absolutlely certain they'll be beyond fabulous.

My only real news is that I have commissioned another artist. Don't know if I should mention his name at this stage, but a couple of clues can't hurt.

1. He's worked with Garth Ennis.
2. He's embraced all the new technology at an artist's disposle and is largely digital now.

He's doing a ten page script for me in February and I'm very excited about it.

Finally two new blogs to find and check out. Shane Oakley (very cool) and Chris Wahl (especially his sketches blog) very new and great stuff on a daily basis.))

Anyone that's reading this, thanks for reading. By all means post a comment if you have anything to add. I've changed the setting to allow anyone to comment. But leave a name please (If that's okay?)

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